Low sensitivity ovulation LH test strips (40 mIU/mL), Beright, 5 pcs.

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Low sensitivity ovulation LH test strips (40mIU/mL) are ideal for women with elevated urine LH concentrations, as in case of polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS). In case of elevated LH concentrations, standard test strips can show tes line intensity near peak for prolonged period, making it easier to miss peak value.

High cut-off value of 40 mIU/mL will ensure more precise and reliable ovulation detection.

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Test strips register LH (luteinizing hormone) concentration in urine. LH concentration surges and achieves peak value about 24 hours before ovulation occurs. Regardless of duration and cycle frequency, ovulation can be monitored using Beright ovulation test strips.

How to choose LH test strips?

25 mIU/mL – standard sensitivity LH test strips will suit most women with average, frequent cycles.

30 mIU/mL – medium sensitivity LH test strips, will show positive result at slightly higher urine LH concentration so they will better correspond to women who can’t detect ovulation with great confidence using standard ovulation test strips due to positive results throughout prolonged period.

40 mIU/mL – low sensitivity LH ovulation test strips, best choice for women who have naturally elevated LH concentration, due to hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovaries syndrome or any congenital condition.

There is no universal rule for choosing LH ovulation test strips. You might need to try out multiple sorts to find your match. If you are just starting to track ovulation using LH test strips, it is suggested to start with standard sensitivity LH test strips, 25 mIU/mL.

Interpretating results:

Positive: Two lines are visible, test region line (T) is equaly dark or darker than control region line (C). Ovulation onset will occur within 24-36 hours.
Negative: Both lines are visible but test region (T) line is lighter than control region (C) line, or test region (T) line is not visible at all. In this case LH surge hasn’t been detected.
Invalid: Control line isn’t visible. Insufficient sample volume or incorrect handling of the test are most frequent reasons for invalid test results. Check your steps and repeat testing using new test strip.

Tips for proper use of ovulation detection kit:

• Collect urine samples at approximately same time of the day each day.
• Don’t test with first morning urine.
• Reduce fluids intake approximately 2 hours before taking the test.
• Excessive intake of fluids will dilute urine and make LH surge detection more difficult.
• Read the test results after 10 minutes. A positive result will not vanish. But some negative results after some time may display a faint second color band.
• Discard the test after testing. It is not meant for reuse.