Delivery is performed by GLS courier service. Delivery fee is 4,65 € (35 kn) for all orders up to 52,96 € (399 kn) within Croatia. Delivery is free for orders over 52,96 € (399 kn) within Croatia. Orders will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days from the day of order confirmation. Delivery fee will be calculated together with order summary before the order is confirmed by customer. Orders will be shipped within one working day. Buyer must check the condition of received parcel and reject damaged parcel.

For shipping we use eco friendly, biodegradable packaging materials.

All shipments are packed in discrete, neutral packaging, without any marking or logo. It is impossible to guess content of the shipment based on outer packaging.

Delivery fee for deliveries outside of Croatia is formed based on GLS price list.

For deliveries outside of Croatia, delivery fees are following:

Austria€8,63 (65,00 kn)Italy€13,27 (100,00 kn)
Belgium€8,63 (65,00 kn)Latvia€9,95 (75,00 kn)
Bulgaria€8,63 (65,00 kn)Lithuania€9,95 (75,00 kn)
Czechia€8,63 (65,00 kn)Luxemburg€9,29 (70,00 kn)
Denmark€8,63 (65,00 kn)Malta€28,54 (215,00 kn)
Estonia€11,28 (85,00 kn)Netherlands€8,63 (65,00 kn)
Finland€15,93 (120,00 kn)Poland€7,30 (55,00 kn)
France€13,27 (100,00 kn)Portugal€15,26 (115,00 kn)
Germany€7,96 (60,00 kn)Romania€11,28 (85,00 kn)
Greece€11,28 (85,00 kn)Slovakia€7,96 (60,00 kn)
Hungary€8,63 (65,00 kn)Slovenia€7,96 (60,00 kn)
Ireland€19,24 (145,00 kn)Sweden€12,61 (95,00 kn)


Currency: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK