What is Femometer App and how to use it

“Femometer Fertility Tracker” App is a menstrual calender which has additional features such as storing LH and HCG test results in digital form. It can track more than 200 menstrual cycle symptoms and give accurate prediction of ovulation and menstruation.

Femometer digital basal thermometers Vinca II can be directly connected to the App on your phone and simplify keeping record of measurements. App automatically generates basal temperature chart and analyzes and interprets results.

For making the most out of Femometer ovulation and pregnancy test strips it is advised to use together with Femometer mobile App. Download free Femometer app in Apple App store or Google Play Store, register your user account and log-in. By clicking on „LH Test“ or „HCG Test“ import the picture of your test. App will automatically read the results.

For LH test, app will automatically predict your ovulation period and your most fertile days.

For HCG test, app will give you information on potential pregnancy.